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Children playing during a MEID Initiative Program.

Malaria Eradication for persons with Intellectual Disabilities (M.E.I.D) launched September 2017 is run by Special Olympics Nigeria (SO Nigeria), and sponsored by the Aspire Coronation Trust Foundation. It is a unified initiative for athletes (persons with intellectual disabilities) and partners (persons without intellectual disabilities) with the goal to prevent and reduce malaria morbidity, mortality, and socio-economic losses thereby bridging disparities in respect to both health status and access for persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PWID). The programme will be implemented in 10 special schools and centres providing malaria education and health information to 500 athletes, 200 Unified partners and over 1000 family, community members and caregivers of PWIDs in South West Nigeria starting with Lagos and Oyo State.


  • Create awareness that the fight against malaria is a collective responsibility.

  • Provide health education: covering infection, prevention, symptoms, control, and treatment.

  • Deliver life-saving tools and services such as treated mosquito nets, malaria medicine, and access to reliable diagnosis and effective malaria treatment by creating partnerships with some clinics.

  • To increase awareness and practice of malaria control and prevention in the community.

  • Identify, at the family and community level challenges faced by PWID

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge of malaria causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment methods.

  • Understanding of risks associated with contracting Malaria

  • Increased use of bed nets.

  • knowledge of fever and how to handle fever.

  • Increase in access to adequate care for people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Capacity strengthening of systems (families, communities) to support athletes and others living with intellectual disabilities

  • Culture of environmental cleanliness, and good sanitation practices in project areas

  • Understanding and application of malaria vector control measures.

Key Activities

  • Coaches Training workshop.

  • Curriculum Implementation.

  • Family Health Forum & Voluntary Testing and Counselling (VCT)

  • Community Sanitation Exercise

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